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When art turns into a profession!

Life is a grand canvas that has been beautifully and intricately painted by the Creator, with myriad hues that shine in all their glory. A bounty of moments that adorn the everyday life of a human being; or the splendid mother nature that warms our hearts through gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, the greenery that soothes our eyes, and also its amazing diversity of fauna.
Capturing these subtleties of life through a lens, and turning a fleeting moment into a forever memory; well that is photography for you! A world that thrives on the charisma and magic of the man behind the camera, and helps us to relive certain times in our lives long after they have gone by!
As with all art, photography is intertwined with a number of finer nuances that only come through personal experiences as well as exposure to the world outside. It is not surprising to see so many photography enthusiasts turning their passion for the art into a full-time profession. And why not! It provides a platform for creative freedom and expression, which is a given for any artist. In addition, it can be an enriching career that can open the doors to name, fame, adulation, and money within no time.
In my quest for understanding it better, I foray into the world of a friend and budding photographer. Meet Sajan Arora, an individual who epitomizes working hard towards one’s passion in life. All of 20 years, the determination and resolve he has in him is remarkable. Dropping out of school and deciding to follow his dream is one courageous decision that he will always thank himself for. A humble beginning synonymous with capturing pictures on a smart-phone and drawing inspiration from work done by others, to the present day, when he holds the latest photography equipment in his hands; has a calendar that is pressed for shooting appointments; life has indeed come a long way. And as he says, he is still learning!
Initially, days and nights were all about observing people, objects, and pictures of other artists. Little intricacies like the angles, the lighting, the mood and the emotion in the picture; all were aspects he focused upon. Word spread among friends and acquaintances; they started liking his work. People would ask if he would take pictures, and every time, Sajan readily obliged.
Today, the work speaks for itself. A twenty thousand plus fan following on Facebook (and the numbers are going up), photography engagements with TV celebrities, candid wedding shoots round the year, fashion cinematography, personal portfolios; the diversity on offer is amazing. What is heartening to see is the level of financial independence and creative freedom that the profession has bestowed upon him. Moments and emotions is what he loves to capture, and that essence is clearly visible in all the work he does.
Photography has evolved, and so have its dynamics. The quality and technology on offer today is incredible. From the era of black and white, to reel photography to digital images, things have changed drastically. When it comes to professional photography, the demands of clients have also undergone a sea change. In such situations, the real challenge is to hold on to your creativity and uniqueness, without caving in to everything the client says. A mark of creative genius on your work is imperative if you want to earn respect in this field. The money is not a consideration, it will come in nevertheless.
What makes photography attractive as a profession is the fact that it is not a ‘9-5 job’ that you are looking at. You get to schedule appointments as per your own will, you get to express yourself, you earn money, and you get to create great art. What else does the human mind and spirit demand? There is no dearth of opportunities out there. You can choose to click whatever inspires you, and even become a master of multiple genres.
The key to success here, as is the case with any other field, is persistence and hard work. Art requires that you put your heart and soul into it. Getting carried away by the monetary perks of being a professional photographer is something that needs to be strictly guarded against. Click pictures that bear a stamp of your unique perspective of looking at things, and refrain from imitating work done by others. Originality, creativity, and exclusivity should be the foremost priority for anyone who wants to take up photography as a profession. More importantly, never stop learning and refining your art.
So if you get inspired every time you hold the camera in your hand, and capturing moments is your forte, then photography is the profession for you!
A moment may be temporary, but a picture lives forever!
Happy clicking!

Article Published by – Amarpreet Kaur ( Blogger )

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